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Outer-Bands Released!



Web-based evacuee management system. Outer-Bands covers all aspects of an evacuation event. Contains many useful management tools, analytical reporting features, real time event tracking,Geo fencing options,multiple agency and multiple region oversight. This program allows municipalities to be proactive and reactive in case of any size emergency event. Manage events from hurricanes, tornadoes,earthquakes,wild fires, floods, or gas leaks. Created and designed by emergency professionals. is a real simple website that directly integrates with Outer-Bands to provide real time evacuations notifications to the loved ones of evacuees in the database. You could monitor and stay connected with progress of an evacuation of loved ones from anywhere in the world with internet access.

ProCAD II Released!



ProCAD II is a complete transportation management system, utilizing GPS tracking for fast and efficient movement of passengers. The Auto-Dispatch module removes the human dispatcher from the equation making for a more streamed lined rider experience. Built in rider texting notifications features along with ‘Where Are You Now’ vehicle tracking. Local clients can use the web-service to mark when clients are ready to be picked up and schedule future rides.

ProCAD II is an all new program rewrote from ProCAD. ProCAD 2 manages thousands of trips on a daily basis using the Auto-Dispatch. Built for dependability and efficiency for no down time by the using the most advanced modern databases and programming language. Actively monitor and dispatch vehicles for trips with the highest efficiency in mind using GPS tracking .Super easy data entry(call taker) screens to help keep your data clean and organized.

Now with standing orders, allows for repetitive trips to be automatically dispatched with small human interactions. Easy navigation of the screens makes the software that more user friendly. Fast and easy call taking screens for quick customer searches and trip planning. Maximize your human resources for more gains.

Receiving the correct reports is as important as the software program itself. ProCAD 2 offers detailed or summary reports that will help you analyze what is working and whats not to further the profits of your organization. Get reports from actives clients, trips, manifest and driver reports, no shows and standing order. Custom report requests will be happily developed to help your business reach the next level.